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The Welcome Collection is a solidarity initiative created by Amarist Studio,

Amarist Studio, based in Barcelona, is formed by the artists and designers Clara Campo y Arán Lozano.

Active in Contemporary Art and Design, the studio focuses its work in the creation of functional pieces capable of stimulating the thoughts of the viewer through art that invites to reflect on the world around us.


Arán Lozano - Amarist    Amarist Studio - Clara Campo

Deeply touched by the current refugee crisis in Europe, Amarist Studio wanted to get involved designing a Jewelry Line inspired by the razor wire that is installed along borders. All proceeds are donated to the United Nations refugee agency, the UNHCR. 

Welcome Movement - Jewelry - Refugee - Amarist Studio

This collection aims to contribute to the development of a social movement that helps reduce the humanitarian drama of refugees. The "Welcome" collection invites everyone to change the meaning of razor wire, a piece of border that has been transformed into a symbol of respect, tolerance and human dignity. We hope to change the meaning of such a cruel element into a universal symbol of support for people displaced by wars and natural disasters around the world.


Polishing razor wire - Amarist Studio

All the pieces of the Collection are handmade in Spain, using razor wire nº22, the same model that is installed on the borders of Serbia or Hungary among others. The process of creation of the jewelry finishes with an hypoallergenic 24K gold layer, representing the economic borders that in most cases separate refugees from a better future.

The aim of the Welcome Jewelry initiative is to become global, creating a solidarity movement and a positive trend in speaking about refugees, bringing funds and awareness to the needs of survivors.

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Amarist Studio - UNHCR Certificate of Donation